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Your Famous Skin

The Eucalyptic matrix penetrates

drawing forth with curling vapour

a landscape

a kaleidoscope,

my gaze is locked and I am a rocket.

Heaven palms my heart

this angelic celebrity of colour,

paved in golden birthing and now,

this skin, that folds and cups our soles

adorned with tiny birds and diamonds.

My mouth widens and I fall back into stars

swallowing eternity

sweeping in all that is

and clothing me



famous skin


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My Dusted Skin


My  white body

coated like cake

my heart stretched

against dancing ribs

crying and pushing at quantum buttons.

This metaphoric desperation

forms storm cells

and knighted beings

create artworks on my knees.

I am moving me forward

mind cracked and allowing

a vessel,

a heat machine, self perpetuated,

momentum keeping it strong.

Inner walls are sliding, a freakish velocity of

swirling contents


with inspired action

plucked from a point

of connected vibration.

My dusted skin is priceless and my head prickles and burns

and then…. THEN!

I am made leopard as the clouds release their scent

and finally

I can breathe


I am nothing

no more than moving air




Sweat and Magic


There is sweat and magic in her creases

a fragrant treasure

a fervent secret

there is a flashing

world of neurocracy

there is red

and there is black

there is in fact

a luminous universe

I smile quietly

at this silken craven thought.





take this acute experience

let it bite

let it sweep your starry walls

and penetrate your knowing,

feel the smart lift your brow,

and s t r e t c h your M O U T H

the choir has begun

…….limestone is cold and discerning…….touch it

this is an exceptional opportunity

stay keen and original

take the hit

make the jump

slide the tunnel

your skin

this is it