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Sky God



Sky God gets dressed

behind a grey cloud,

little window of light.

Sky god peeks out whilst slipping on his yellow socks.


Sky God puts the kettle on,

I can hear the lid of the tea pot.

Green tea for him, it makes him yearn for the jungle.


Sky God yawns and scratches a wayward feather on his eagle head.

Am I happy?

He asks himself.


Sky God picks his nose

and drops it through the clouds.

A twinge of guilt ruffles his ribs as he realises they will

blame the birds.


Sky God sits down in his cane chair

with his fine china cup and watches his creation….

he hawks but thinks twice and swallows.


Sky God lights a cigarette….a small vice

and smiles as Chief Yellow Dog

interprets the patterns of smoke.


Sky God looks down at his toenails

and wonders lightly where he last

saw the clippers….?

They must be somewhere!


Sky God finishes his tea and gets up to start his daily chores

as he does this thousands of tiny flowers fall out

of his bum……

‘I must get that seen to’ he thinks,

A worried frown upon his beaky face.

‘Oh yes….’ as he dials his doctors number, ‘better to be safe than sorry.’