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mini death



wishes are fishes

he touches me with his smile

every time i die


and still i survive

life’s excruciating want

my heart falls wider


on a cloud i am

my feet dangle in the sea

purveyor of all


i am a spider

my ribbon is curling wind

spinning the future


i sweep myself deep

i crush me into liquid

cupped in silken hope



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Crackling Leaves and Soup


My father is here to

entice art from the sky,

his instrument of choice,

a sort of….

musical obscurity,

an ancient  silver rising

of voices and tide.

He swings a racket

to capture dreams,

and earths them …..

like lightening,

crackling leaves

and soup.

He is a lover of marmalade

bitter and orange

and his smile you ask


his smile is

a winter fire

a lullaby

his smile is Shangri-la.