Your Guts and Your Glitter

  I love you ALL you green hide sea monsters! deep diving, angel swimmers! swift, shallow water bug skimmers! my adoration! my  kisses are…. a smacking hallelujah! You write or draw with passion, nerve deep your feet are hurting wanting to kick! i see screaming and sighs scrabbling to touch, sometimes I throw down the pageContinue reading “Your Guts and Your Glitter”

Morning Earth

  Deep breath clears the words so, like full cocoons they split and flutter off. Morning earth makes small gestures moist fragrant whispers dance persistently in my breast. The sun holds it’s majesty between my eyes and purple blossoms……hazy winter….. What IS this morning saying to me? What IS this dewy touch I feel inContinue reading “Morning Earth”

Rain Like Love

Rain like love drop on my fingertip, on the green sliding leaf silver pregnant rain drop on my nose falling love full drops join and frolic silver lost in swirling brown eddy’s of emotion, silver to brown and back again beauty on lashes, before the eyes always changing ,moving water thick with being, too slipperyContinue reading “Rain Like Love”

The Universe Is Music

I feel compelled to share… We’ll go back a bit….. My childhood had been an interesting one; disruptive in that we moved on a yearly basis and I had to learn the lessons of detachement and connection to survive emotionally. Even so my parents were loving, doing the best they could with what they knew,Continue reading “The Universe Is Music”

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In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


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