Art and Emotions

  Does art trigger emotions in you? My body can react quite strongly both negatively and positively to a piece of art. And as an emotional intelligence educator and an artist I am very curious to understand this more deeply. I have created a space on my website to play with and research the wayContinue reading “Art and Emotions”

Backyard In The Morning When Thinking About My Mum

  Blue dog has brown eyes Love is a fact.   Sneaky birds stand tall.   Blue dog sniffs the tree, scratches with her paw, then stretching she turns her attention to froth at the bottom of my cup.   SIGH   Clothes relax on the line   broken gun   just colour now and fluorescent lizardContinue reading “Backyard In The Morning When Thinking About My Mum”

Silver Poetry

All That Glitters Is Not Gold

Unfettered BS

it is all just bullshit anyway.....


Your Brain is a Radio that Does What its Told

Post Scriptum Poets

Haikus Senryus and Tankas about anything and everything

InkBlots and IceBergs

musings on life | bits of psychology | attempts at poetry

This and That

In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


Scripting the desires that are soul deep

Cosmos Reflection

poetry that speaks to you

Africa Zwelibanzi

The Poetry Monarch.

Jeffrey Pillow

Life, death, and everything in between

Purple Haze

Darkness, delusion, smeared with a stick of butter and laughter. Words collide, they bring forth death!

The Lonely Author

Pain goes in, love comes out.

The Realm

well, come on in. bite. chew. spit.

SouL SpeakS

He started Writing, The paper started speaking...