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Art and Emotions


Does art trigger emotions in you?

My body can react quite strongly both negatively and positively to a piece of art. And as an emotional intelligence educator and an artist

I am very curious to understand this more deeply.

I have created a space on my website to play with and research the way art effects people physically/emotionally/spiritually.

If you would like to play please go to this link >>

Click on the link to play an arty feeling game with us. when I get enough comments on the website as in more than two 🙂 I will draw a winner http://www.artofkundalini.com/play-with-me

Thankyou , I really appreciate your time, love Arna


Mother Tree



Mother tree


cradled me.

In the billows of steamy transit

whilst time etched a nebulous

reality in ancient air.

And now

you are

holding me



warm cool hands,


grounding me.

Like dirt and stars and love and god,

your grace becomes me.

Backyard In The Morning When Thinking About My Mum


Blue dog has brown eyes

Love is a fact.


Sneaky birds stand tall.


Blue dog sniffs the tree, scratches with her paw,


stretching she turns her attention to froth at

the bottom of my cup.




Clothes relax on the line


broken gun


just colour now and fluorescent lizard


on his back

somehow intact.


Feathered people talk and sing


a tired Babylon fell today.


What’s up there in the purple tree?

green leaves?



Not really, not if I stretch my legs and climb.


Foliage like spoons or fingers…..





I am the morning

nothing is really still.


The air is a soupy book.


Some say god made it

I say,

It was my Mum.









little bird

little bird with yellow beak

sits in empty frangipanni tree


it trips and hops

is happy

i am happy

to see this thing….the life,

and beautiful COLOUR

so inviting that my body wants to die and fall apart

to be the bird, the beak

and the tree.