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I see you my king

i see you

i am an ambient channel for

your song

sung true

into the early dawn

of the very first moon

i wished you

my king

tangled falling tumbling free

marrying the waves

in my salty sea

you are my sunshine king



i feel you now

entering your domain

into my heat


my drawbridge chain


art?? www.artofkundalini.com 

The Olive Tree

Her skin is on the olive tree
grazed and taken she sits
young thighs pressed and marked by blood left there
and still she pretends to play
a pink note peeling
it was only yesterday
fresh off the press
little peach
Time has built an ark to house the template
and fingers      print
and ache
though bones are cold
she possesses the green of olive leaves
here she hides
a resentful breeze
her eyes are topaz wishes
His aged stubble and rough bark in exchange for warm yeast and mothers arms
Hanging upside down and draining free
I Hear it NOW
the babies cry
from deep inside the olive tree