The Silver Cat’s A List

My dear friends,

my palm is awash with vanilla bean dew

to place in a cupcake and bake

for you.


My words spill over in silver liquid of appreciation.

Water falls from my bountiful cup,

my ace of hearts.

I curtsy, I bow, on my knees, I wash your sweet, calloused feet.


On this page I will place poetic gifts for those that take my eye.

You have earned a permanent cushion in my little pink heart.


Little boats, naked ladies, contented birds and other fancy things, will grace this space.

look below the curious kitty cat.

ps- To these special ones below, download the silver cat loves me logo from here or feel free to email me at for the image to display on your awards page!

Introducing you to Deborah!

She is The Girl With a Pen from which she produces thoughtful and compelling work!


For a moment’s chuckle pop over and visit Bruce and Ian at Brain in a Jar!

a truly funny blog and good, swift writing too!

Oh the sweet, vibrant, enthusiasm of Beauty-Full 365

Visit SwirlGirl for a special treat, I love her!

A gift for you is this introduction to an unsung poet a woman of prolific, evocative poetry and a generous heart!

Judith King has my thumbs up!

Oh PLEASE visit POLLY!!!

There is just something so special about the energy over there,in her little world!

Some interesting work, just a click away!

Feel like a little Reading Pleasure ?

Well come and check out some wonderful stuff, sweet energy and good words!

Today the energy of beauty has touched me, let it touch you too.

Please visit Leroy Watson at his wonderful blog Riding Effortlessly On A Large Green Turtle !

I am in love with the title!

Ahhh now here is a fabulous mind, meet the Arab Writer Chick

Smart and compelling site, I love it!

I’d like to introduce Dean, a true philosopher I believe and a beautiful poet. Enjoy his work at ‘No One Has Bound Me’

 I am delighted to bring Jomul7 to this select list of greats.

To fathom the depths of this mind is to truly travel, enjoy his work, this is a special being before you.

What a great coffee Subhan Zein makes over at his place not to mention his SMILE!

I love his poem ‘I Sculpt The Light and Slap The Thunder’, enjoyable and enigmatic!

For a literary explosion of vivacious verbosity, thoughts super and sweet, visit Mari at

‘Peace, the consciousness, the transitoriness, your existence’

Visit the lovely Johndwmacdonald deep thinker and Poet Warrior for a sweet treat.

I truly appreciate his gentle, intelligent energy and have no doubt you will also!

What an interesting place to journeyPlease visit Jeremy at The Sand County, for beautiful poetry and poignant thoughts!

Oh how I enjoy this blog by such a perceptive and conscious being.

For a taste of something special visit my friend and sweet person, poet, observer of things, David at his magical site Thoughts From Outdoors.

Yes, I say to his awesome eye and fabulous mind!!

My friend over at The ObamaCrat.Com™ is an intelligent and sensitive man,

take a look at his work, he is passionate, political and truly stands out in a crowd!

Expansive joy cannot be contained for today’s special friend, meet Lady Day  an intelligent soul

and fab writer!

Come over to 75 Kaleidoscopes for a literary treat.

Today a deep feeling, a thank you feeling, wells up in me, for

Gina V

So kind to me, reposting I AM Elephant!

Here is Professions For Peace a wonderful blog, with pots of interesting words for us to enjoy!

37 thoughts on “The Silver Cat’s A List

    1. ahhh your welcome…I am thinking of creating an award…I wonder if the little people like me are allowed to do that… called the silver cat award and you just get it because I like you haha and you don’t have to do anything to accept it except be cool enough to be noticed by me….ahhh i am laughing at myself….. but i still like the idea x


      1. I love that idea…I’m suppose to be writing two award posts, and though I love that people appreciate me, they are brutal to write…I thought I might put a blogroll on my side bar, but this is a wonderful idea, and since when do ‘we’ follow the rules…lol (wild woman laugh)


  1. I am honored deeply. Of the awards I have been given, this is the most sincere and heartfelt. I bow in appreciation to your support of me. I am humbled by the kind words of such a beautiful human being. Ciao Bella Silver Cat.


  2. What an interesting gathering of special sites and with your habitual sensitivity and gentleness. Much for me to explore. Many thanks for my inclusion. We are working toghether in the right spirit!


    1. The sites I have chosen are as much about the people and their energy and my appreciation of the love, intelligence and vulnerability I can feel as the words or expression they use, I hope you enjoy the tidbits of beauty and humanity.


  3. This is really touching, and people dismiss the power of humanity and human connections through the web, I am daily amazed at the possibilities that are out there to have community, thanks for this honor and thanks for helping discover other talents out there.


  4. I am utterly delighted to be a part of this wonderful list! Thank you so kindly for your sweet words about my humble blog. You are a shining light in the world! Blessings, Gina


      1. I just love you, and this amazing blog! Bless your wise and amazing heart for adding my awards post to your list. Gosh that page is a great idea… well done! And your 7 Things are fantastic ESPECIALLY number 7. I am with you 100%.


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