so small



fluid blue

and velvet touch



so small

I am a faerie

flit and purring

cat soft and quiet

in this intensity of space that intrigues and vibrates

a particle

a cell

an exhalation

breathe in


h a h h h h h h h h h

so small you can only imagine my smile



21 thoughts on “so small”

  1. Breathing you in as I read. 🙂

    Sometimes breaking it down to particle level makes the big things seem very small and petty in comparison. The irony there is not lost on me, nor is this poem.

    Deep breaths.


  2. At first, I thought what is small. Unexpectedly, a cat. Interesting way to make me guess.

    And thank you for liking my post “Crocodile Mouth”.


      1. even smaller …..xxxx smaller than a kiss smaller something so small it cannot even be seen… a particle maybe… a particle of something MUCH BIGGER than anything we can imagine. I know it sounds crazy but really it is just a feeling. Lovely to meet you Yoshiko x


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