today it’s about bees

or is it about poison? poisonous mad making arsenic accumulation asylum seeking loopy lou discombobulation? is it about misfiration and never repletion is it about my own….wanton disregardiosion….. a bred terror of heavy metal intoxicablation a hive in my mind my mind in the hive please! and they came to me a three bee formationContinue reading “today it’s about bees”

breakfast friend

she ate pastry from my fingertips watching me wanting like a small man pacing pecking tasting the air my lips tilted upward and light like a feather-feeling sunshine shifted across her glossy back warming my chest deep into the hollow there I could have caught her shadow with my sugared hands but I thought itContinue reading “breakfast friend”


warheads pressing in-formation causing her throat to swell and tighten building desire like cities digging tunnels too deeply disrespectfully into her earth creating openings and avalanches minute tragedies in her stomach leaving little flags where maybe something lies buried tragedy that has nowhere else to go… eat it or fuck it the catch cry asContinue reading “tragedy”

to contain

so soft are the edges that boil and slide inside the copper a sweet fragrance like sugar or moist tobacco begging your tongue to heat it to bravely risk stringent addiction tasting and…. moving like a wild snake coiling intelligence looping and falling willing to swell in gravy waves grasping the rim like a mouthContinue reading “to contain”

The experiencer

I am the experiencer necromancer too wizard of the sky my feet are curved like moons I taste the surface of this earth or my imagination portaling through dissolution death seated in soft blooms innocent flying inside spread eagled in my sphere following the crows on course to blue star heart music a snaky illuminationContinue reading “The experiencer”

The Perfect Game

hours I spent with my cheek against your spirit smoothing the walls of a private utopia a summer of thought sweet like balloons of sugar mouthful of music sometimes a note that matched my heart claiming me with words like sacred and heat now back from the platform in his throat where I sat waitingContinue reading “The Perfect Game”

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In other countries individuals go to jail and/or die for weblogging. While the bulk of this country makes the internet an extention of T.V.


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