jardin d’amour

my garden of love sown I am woven of grace the old world is falling now moving us closer fuelled and feeling I know nothing without you I am unstable flow insecure uncontainable flooded by your tidal eyes contain me mon amour I am your cascade pouring into life created for you together we shallContinue reading “jardin d’amour”

Heathen Altar

I am an altar on which to spread your length flesh and soft take me in your teeth an offering, splayed and wide a hot invite a worthy sacrifice a beckoning an easy conquest? but for the riot asked of you to bleed your ancient pain release from all mundane lids tremble gleaming slit aContinue reading “Heathen Altar”

untainted star

honest lines draw across her skin but he can’t see with blood in his mouth transmission continues I read your code pegged loosely whipping in the breeze making sin out of nothing he stared at her from the cross remain pure she turned around and tapped her red heels three times I don’t belong IContinue reading “untainted star”


the disc that spins inside my chest methodically collects sensations it colours my world magenta and black if I let it but these colours are yours my love and I spin them back to you a gift of freedom….   channelling you through my sensational machine makes no ripple in your world of mixed messageContinue reading “ripples”


art the samurai a language born of soft nib trailing sticky rouge pressing up off the floor art answers to my wild driver cuts corners, sliding sideways unravelling this tiny golden soul from the ribbons of a patriarchal past. ovarian ribbons, wet, sliding ribbons, sweaty, perfumed ribbons ribbons wrapped tightly, stripping through my naked body likeContinue reading “Simpatico”

Bound~ A Day Spent Discovering Egon Schiele

Bound the conventional playground pulls slowly from my body stark political worms Bound wrists lifted on dirty string sex and death moving skirts painting red bound providing impetus for change ~~ my 5 day photo/story challenge: I have been invited by Geo Sans to join the challenge ~ guidelines: post a picture each day fiveContinue reading “Bound~ A Day Spent Discovering Egon Schiele”

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