jardin d’amour

my garden of love sown I am woven of grace the old world is falling now moving us closer fuelled and feeling I know nothing without you I am unstable flow insecure uncontainable flooded by your tidal eyes contain me mon amour I am your cascade pouring into life created for you together we shallContinue reading “jardin d’amour”


hunter with your gleaming liquid heat you fire blazing slinger slicing through leather i want to know your bloody knife let me have it I want to crack this oyster open i feel it heavy hunter boots standing on your stepping over my slatted wooden floor i sink like sand I am or winter chillContinue reading “oyster”

Hot Tea and Toast

  herein lies a conceptual emotional winding a woollen complexity rough on the tongue dry in the throat a faux love a preternatural writhing a knocking on the inner skull with hammers little god diggers and gold wishers driving within to my without taking aim hmmm it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see thatContinue reading “Hot Tea and Toast”

Corn I AM

  lets shuck these green folds of corn skin that cover me my kernel is sweet I am…. rows and rows of friends walking stiffly forward a drama unplanned, randomly perfect, an organised chaos I in my gold pants and flourishing breasts like waterfalls of flesh sun bleached dunes parting veils dripping butter smiling inContinue reading “Corn I AM”

Distraction of Sparks

  the phantom in it’s grotto grins upon a hexed cushion that stinks and smothers. Excessive rhythmic noise pounds gracelessly on my vestibule doors leaving fingerprints green with envy and moss. Reality flares, distress signals, sparking a heated tumbling and there is one choice ………..to embrace transparency …..or ……..shut ………my ………………eyes    

The Drift of Eternity

a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  first of ten poems. There is tugging at my ribbons a wild, teasing acapella oh this noise is rich… rich enough to decorate my hollows to drop me to my knees whilst midnight space rushes like swift tide expanding the universe cracking my chestContinue reading “The Drift of Eternity”

A Lily Opens

  Before time the enclosed garden tremors and a Lily opens…..   inviting conception a personal illuminati a patent a pact a private love making just Me ‘n God behind patterned screens the burgeoning idea levitates and then drawing his Saber like Obi One Kenobi HE WHIPS the  halo from my head pink and silver streakContinue reading “A Lily Opens”

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