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with your gleaming

liquid heat


fire blazing slinger

slicing through leather

i want to know your bloody knife

let me have it

I want to crack this oyster open

i feel it

heavy hunter boots

standing on


stepping over


slatted wooden floor

i sink

like sand I am

or winter chill



ownerless and free

I slip beneath



to the earthy need that breathes me

your hotspots call

and i respond like a thoughtless bird

i feel the seeded clouds press


into my feathered arms

stone is soft


than water


(Floating across the river to a little waterfall , thinking about love
When I arrived I looked down and glistening up at me from under the water was this little thing) http://www.artofkundalini.com 

Hot Tea and Toast


herein lies a




a woollen complexity

rough on the tongue

dry in the throat

a faux love

a preternatural writhing

a knocking on the inner skull with hammers

little god diggers


gold wishers

driving within to my without

taking aim


it doesn’t take a brain surgeon

to see

that the only solution


is hot tea and toast











i am






Corn I AM


lets shuck these green folds of

corn skin that cover me

my kernel is sweet

I am….

rows and rows of friends

walking stiffly forward

a drama unplanned, randomly perfect,

an organised chaos

I in my gold pants and flourishing breasts

like waterfalls of flesh

sun bleached dunes

parting veils

dripping butter

smiling in a tempest of




This is magical…..

a world

where a kernel of corn

is the meaning of life






Distraction of Sparks


the phantom

in it’s grotto

grins upon a hexed cushion

that stinks and smothers.

Excessive rhythmic noise

pounds gracelessly

on my vestibule doors

leaving fingerprints

green with envy and moss.

Reality flares,

distress signals,

sparking a heated tumbling

and there is one choice

………..to embrace transparency

…..or ……..shut ………my ………………eyes





There’s a new sensation

in the town houses and skyscrapers that fill my body

my universe

a deep vibration

a tingling

a buzzing

a warming of the cockles

a climbing of the vertebra

toe by toe

the field is brimming

the silver army

heads so high

eyes shimmering

the night has touched the sea

and we are kneeling

on a sharp reflection

of fire



The Drift of Eternity

a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  first of ten poems.

There is tugging at my ribbons

a wild, teasing acapella

oh this noise is rich…

rich enough to decorate my hollows

to drop me to my knees

whilst midnight space rushes

like swift tide

expanding the universe

cracking my chest

a kaleidoscopic orchestra of YES

Yet the whisper is gold that God’s music is a floating note

and it is just I, this phosphorescent speck who has been dappled with fluted purple explosion…

I have been crowned with questions

and led to these stone steps

to press my burning ear against a mossy wall….

eternity compressed

listening for angels

braving the storm

A Lily Opens


Before time

the enclosed garden tremors

and a Lily opens…..


inviting conception

a personal illuminati

a patent

a pact

a private love making

just Me ‘n God

behind patterned screens

the burgeoning idea




drawing his Saber

like Obi One Kenobi


the  halo from my head

pink and silver streak

to far heavens

inside me

like ecstasy

like frisbee frenzy

the veil falls

like crystal singing

my cells


and I become



it is a YES

yes to Paris

the rippling water and YES in the gullet of silver fishes

yes to the thick splash

allaying fear and peeling hearts

yes to the face

that looms above me in it’s zombie mask

yes to hot pain that forges space

within my gut

yes yes yes

in Bocaccian wings,

in the  blood-red flutter

behind the telltale curtains

yes to the madness that feeds this electric life


to the solid frame that requires

silk and feathers

in order to fly

yes to it all brother

yes to this inclement dream!



The Egg


Next time you stand with an egg in your hand,

stop time and look.

Run your fingers over cool skin,

take in shape of the immaculate.

Hold it to your cheek, close your eyes, let it rest on your lips, taste it

Feel love clearly now.

When it comes time to crack the shell

tap with your ears,

and let the soft tapping in.

Let the sound of the shell cracking, resonate in your heart and in your soul.

Hear love’s words, do not miss a thing.

The message is for you.

Watch the contents fall,

into bowl or cup,

oh love,

the nourishing life source.

Do not sway from the moment,

this is your yellow and your soft white spilling.

Take time to revel in perfection.

See Love’s offering,

in pliable receptivity,

no regret,

in unbridled innocence.

With fingers or fork,

swirl through the centre of of pure consciousness,

meld the gold with clarity and feel unity enter you.

This moment is yours.

Create a dish of spectacular delight, each ingredient, singing!

Allow the harmony of  exquisite universe to bring light to your kitchen and your soul.

And when you place the culinary masterpiece onto table, spend a silver moment.

Connect with every being that stands here with you.

Give thanks to the world for participating in this meal,

from farmers to sun,

the wholesalers and the boy who cleaned the chicken coop.

Remember the man who fixed the tractor and the girl who sowed the seeds that fed the chickens.

Thank the hen who delivered the egg.

Spread your blessings and swim the LOVE that came to birth this moment.

The oxygen magnificent of All That Is,

the egg, the hand that held the egg.

And when food touches tongue,

know that without YOU this moment could never be.