Purple Peace Bringer


My Tshirt Design ‘Purple Peace Bringer’ is in a competition and the lucky winner will  get their  design printed on shirts!

PLEASE I would LOVE YOUR VOTE!! I am in third place at the moment.

it is through The Paper Rain Project on Facebook

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My Dusted Skin


My  white body

coated like cake

my heart stretched

against dancing ribs

crying and pushing at quantum buttons.

This metaphoric desperation

forms storm cells

and knighted beings

create artworks on my knees.

I am moving me forward

mind cracked and allowing

a vessel,

a heat machine, self perpetuated,

momentum keeping it strong.

Inner walls are sliding, a freakish velocity of

swirling contents


with inspired action

plucked from a point

of connected vibration.

My dusted skin is priceless and my head prickles and burns

and then…. THEN!

I am made leopard as the clouds release their scent

and finally

I can breathe


I am nothing

no more than moving air