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Big Cat

I am a big cat

my skin ripples with purr

I prance peyote fields

and flying goldfish

grace my keen eye

bursting fireworks am I

swung in a circle of sun

pushing solar plexus

like earth




contained and not contained





big cat curled in a green flecked iris

a clever coat of dancing tips

lazy with wealth

plush with dreams

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Small Wire

the conditions work to crack the casing

colourful rubber

pursed like a mouth

it began with a struggle

bending hurt

……..bending anyway

10806251_818981088169438_83749756749150226_n see more art ? http://www.artofkundalini.com

All That Is


in my

tiny mind

my pin star brain

my little bitty light box

my carbon printing machine

here on this grassy knoll

I know my pencil is dirt

and YES

I am only bones and orange polka dots

but I see an


There is no good or evil, left or right, up or down, war or peace

go_d and d_evil

are but one

and all else is fable unfolding

like sun soaked sheets on my large soft bed

I can not say I worship All That Is

unless ~  I  ~ understand the fragrance of the glory

unless I know my knees are wrapped in love

All That Is is ALL that is

and that is all there is





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Art and Emotions


Does art trigger emotions in you?

My body can react quite strongly both negatively and positively to a piece of art. And as an emotional intelligence educator and an artist

I am very curious to understand this more deeply.

I have created a space on my website to play with and research the way art effects people physically/emotionally/spiritually.

If you would like to play please go to this link >>

Click on the link to play an arty feeling game with us. when I get enough comments on the website as in more than two 🙂 I will draw a winner http://www.artofkundalini.com/play-with-me

Thankyou , I really appreciate your time, love Arna


Sweat and Magic


There is sweat and magic in her creases

a fragrant treasure

a fervent secret

there is a flashing

world of neurocracy

there is red

and there is black

there is in fact

a luminous universe

I smile quietly

at this silken craven thought.



Indigo Chariots



it is an unlikely animation

a milky cartoon

free seeming


secured by


connected to indigo chariots

the colour

not the speed

provided by snails or gods

you know,


glowing shells


remember please

we are more than shell


we are the red gold life that flourishes in coral and floats

bouyed on salt


and squealing

we are fertility

coating the sun and disappearing










Talk of Dragons


There is talk of dragons


flocking through the sky’s

of yesteryear

and now

their tails flash serpentine,

flickering sapphire gliders…

these dragons

set in stone

following notes

they are music,

made in Indian trees

of China paper

billowing with shine,

fecund with intergalactic knowledge!

Dragon rainbows,

kissing ocre

and wallowing in bottomless green,

firing deep red heat into Australian earth.

Flying snakes of amber and Lapis,

hear me

channel me clear,

path sweet pink,

wash the mothers walls

open the doors and

slide through

to drink from her winding fountain.

I beseech you,



w o r d

and flick raw sugar

from that crystal tipped tongue!



Falling Open



A question

spreads in me,

turning keys

and slipping locks.

Molten steel whips my spirit

in long lines of burning rush.

Inexplicably it rivers lava through my obstinate reality

sliding bolts and throwing open doors.

Sashes hit the walls

and sprays of light enter me

like water to the floor


in thick crystal sheets

washing me out.


a bright orange flash of spirited sexuality

and I am returned to colour.

Colours Of Woman

Hello Friends!

I would love to invite YOU ALL to the release of my online exhibition 

I hope you can pop through on the link above and join us for a little bit of fine art.

Please remember to leave your thoughts on the guestbook page, 
as an artist striving to better my technique and connection with others, your feedback is of great value to me. 

Feel free to share the link with anyone you may think would enjoy my work, I appreciate the exposure. 

Thankyou for all your support,

Warm wishes and a sky full of fabulous LOVE


little bird

little bird with yellow beak

sits in empty frangipanni tree


it trips and hops

is happy

i am happy

to see this thing….the life,

and beautiful COLOUR

so inviting that my body wants to die and fall apart

to be the bird, the beak

and the tree.