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I don’t know how many of you are into personal development, emotional exploration etc but for those that are I am REALLY happy to announce that I am among 25 (amazzzing) teachers to be strutting our stuff at Spectrum 2015!

it is 6 months online creative and wellness extravaganza.

I have heard very inspirational whisperings about the teachers in the line up and will be exploring it all myself as well as teaching my Mini Workshop ‘Art To Self’ come and have a look x 

click here > SPECTRUM 2015


Begging The Dance


the deep pit

the hollow… the way in

a reception

a meeting

a hand holding ceremony

they spin my spine

in light of the heart

feet soft



sluicing into the microcosmic nakedness

it is art this dance

a revelation

a ladder

of stretched intention

dense with bone



guarded by angel thoughts

sometimes dark

huge winged creatures that ask to see your certainty before letting you pass

we name them,



we name them

Michael and Raphael

we name them

they are our grave thoughts our winged irony

our need

protecting us…

standing tall..

begging the dance

in the way





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L  O  V  E

There is love and then there is LOVE.

Love with a little ‘l’ the one that we dream of and wish for.

The one we fear we’ll lose

the one we go to the movies to see.

is like a lollypop,

you suck it,

savour it,

occasionally bite into it but soon it is done.

You might claw at the stick with your teeth to extract the last skerrick of sweetness,

the illusion that was the lollipop is gone, never to be seen again.

Hmmm….. disappointing….

Love with the big ‘L’

the heat beyond the dream,

the truth within the wish,

the one that can’t be lost,

the Love that caused the movie to be made.

It is like the big bang,

the never ending sugar pop,

the kiss of God,

the sparkles that make the air we breathe.

LOVE with the big ‘L’ is the IS that lies at the core of ‘ex IS tence’,

the poem that concedes to You and I as ONE and shares a tear at the beauty of it all.

No thing can be lost when we rest in true love.

No other thing exists.

Take of your cloak and dance with me to the song

that holds US

as it’s harmony.