The Magic Word




sesame seeds…

and perfumed oil,

finger skin that delves the dim green path


slips me


births me….through

I unfurl

in enchanted space alit with mystic gold

my life

I am squeezing through this density

to flee

the skirts of shame

to shuck this

beautiful, binding





Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

23 thoughts on “The Magic Word

  1. I think THIS one is my favorite painting.
    Also…love all of the birth imagery. Slipping, unfurling, squeezing. There should never be shame in being what you are born to be. XO.


  2. I love how this is both full of images and inviting into the realm of the abstract. I say it’s closer to getting the reader into your head and seeing things they way you do, than most other devices. Well done!


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