The Chameleon



In the Apple tree after lunch, he sat.

His eyes shimmered and I was a mermaid.

I am what you think I am he said to me.

I am the sea.

I am the shells that shine a maternal pearl.

I am the tears that taste the corner of your lips.

I am salt and air.

I am the dark, red dirt of Earth’s womb.

I am you.

Touch me, lick my surface, bite into me like the apple that I am.

He turned his face away as if to gather his thoughts or breathe.

Then looked into my eyes, storm intense, a shocking lake of liquid fire.

There is nothing between us…..he said and I began to cry.

Not a thing, he repeated, to separate our being .

He pulled me onto his branch then, in the Apple tree, will you sit with me?

The golden hairs on his body dancing in the sun.

And I did

like sugar,

on the tip of God’s tongue.

Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

30 thoughts on “The Chameleon

  1. Arna,
    Banish any notions of improving your art. This kind if poetry cannot be improved upon. Except by writing more.



  2. wow, umm hmmm, i’m actually speechless, which doesnt happen often. Ahhhhh its good, its great!!! you’re officially one of my literary heroines, you are a girl right?


  3. Wow! I read it twice, will again…the title is amazing! You writing gift is a treasure for all of us, glad you visited me, so now I can hang out over here 😉


  4. wow… esoteric poetry! i had to read this three times and each time it held more meaning. beautifully done.

    have you ever questioned the concept: eating (fruits, vegetables, leaves, animals)? like how compassionate to all life is eating? i’ve questioned eating meat for a long time, and last year i started questioning plants and their fruits. idk, when i think of all life being me, a part of me, Godly, with a right to life, i wonder if we were meant to survive without having to kill another life. i even went as far as trying a fruitarian lifestyle since fruits are supposedly meant to be disposed of. but that didn’t last long. hahaha!!! i was real happy to go back to veggies and carbs. have you heard of breatharianism? did i tell you i have some crazy thoughts floating in my head? hahaha!!! now you’re warned. 😉


    1. I’ve heard of all those lifestyles and guess what? I think each and everyone of them is valid for whomsoever wants to give them a go! I struggle with the killing of animals then I think but whats the difference between an animal and a vegetable then i think what is wrong or right then i think ‘ that bacon smells so good then i think but its somebody’s body….
      I have decided that the only way to do anything whether its eating someones body or picking your nose is to do it with pure conscious awareness of yourself as one with all things….if we get there then we are not killing nor are we special nor are we right nor are we guilty….we just are….
      you think you have some weird thoughts and the weirdest thing is i don’t think my thoughts are weird at all…does that make me even weirder? love is all that really matters and love with a BiG L I mean xxx ps- how was your RV experience ?


    2. ps- I can’t think of a better way to drop excess weight than breatharianism! I’d probably drop about 70 kilos in about three to six weeks!
      having made that jab I have to say that if you really truly knew you were one with the air/universe you could completely make it work and be an absorber and intender of appropriate nutritional intake….but then if you knew you were truly one with all things then eating food shouldn’t really be a bother!


      1. hahaha!!! i admit when i was thinking of it and fruitarianism i was also imagining all the weight i’d lose and the fashion i’d could fit into. hahaha!!! now that’s what i call spiritual thinking!!!

        your last sentence is very interesting. i’m going to have to ponder on it.


      2. when i say ‘you’ i mean humans…not specifically you xx if we were in complete harmony and oneness maybe we wouldn’t even be here to philosophise about wrong and right 🙂


      3. Don’t worry, i knew you meant humans. I had to think about that sentence because it was deep. I once wrote a concept similar to this. It came in my head and I wrote it down. But honestly, I struggled with it. And now I think you’ve just opened up a blockage in me. hahaha!!! gotta love that… a classroom in every corner. 🙂 Thank you!


  5. LOL!!! you always have a funny way of putting things. i guess what makes my thoughts weird is that others think my thoughts are weird since my thoughts are not of the norm. there goes relativity again. when i went on the fruitarian diet you should have seen the looks i got here. do you ever feel like your swimming against the current?

    my RV experience was everything I expected and more. i had such a good time!! it was such a pleasure being able to not just enter, but touch and sit and relax and talk. i talked to some cool, easy going people. and that of course is always fun. so anyway i left saying one day i will have to experience this. even if it’s only for a year, i want to be a part of that lifestyle.


    1. i don’t really feel like I am swimming against the current anymore…I used to but not long ago i had the realisation that there is flow and then there is FLOW a bit like big love and little love….there is the obvious unconscious flow, which most people are riding (and actually struggling against without much luck) then there is an intentional flow that is self created but in perfect tandem with the universal flow of potential and possibilities…. HAHA i like the sound of this but of course its just coming out of my head so can’t be verified!
      Taking full responsibility for my thoughts and feelings has helped me stop struggling….I have even gone so far as to take responsibilities for the PHYSICAL things that I see around me….now that could be seen as weird. but when I look into the world and see violence I can’t blame (even though i want to and ego tries to) the other because i can still find violence in myself…. so that gives me HEAPS of power…I am all powerful LOL because everything is MY Projection….. woo woo oh well.
      I love it when you find something that you feel an emotional connection with such as your RV cause now you get to anticipate the year of RV freedom you intend to have and anticipation is COOL


      1. not weird… actually very interesting. more to think about. 🙂

        i love it too when i find this stuff. i love the energies of love, freedom, joy, peace, and desire. i love how they feel in my body, the sensations they create, how they change my sight… i spent the morning visualizing my future RV life. hahaha!!! i love my fantasy world too. i spend a lot of time there. 🙂


      2. thats great, i agree.

        a friend and myself live in fantasy email….where we are consistently and CONTINUOUSLY congratulating each other on our huge success and financial abundance! Also on our celebrity status and awesome good looks! its fun! and i think it is definitely helpful when reprogramming the brain to create positively …her daughter said to her the other day…oh mum don’t you think its sad when people have to make up a whole different life in order to be happy! hmmmm haha i laughed its sort of true but we KNOW what we are doing (or so we think 😉 )


      3. ROFL!!!! the daughter’s comment was a good one! I’m still laughing! hahaha!!! still laughing… 🙂


      4. it IS funny and it stopped my friend in her tracks for a minute…then she donned a tiara and waltzed off with her prince to the clicking and snapping of a million paparazzi!


      5. she probably is! You gotta know your dreams…
        We know that the brain itself doesn’t see the difference between a real tiara and an imaginary one so why not create neurons to support a celebrity existence if thats the dream!


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