Counting Bee’s


Clover is my blanket, my green velvet picnic….

cool on my body,

the sun is high,

the lighting lush on this infinite musical….

this supreme merging….

I AM all that is, spinning through the colour wheel!


is my waterfall,

my rainbow,

my abstract, figurative, contemporary, enthused with optimism!

Bee’s are multiplying,

my glass is full.



14 thoughts on “Counting Bee’s”

    1. speaking of painting, I had a Live life drawing performance last night…soft music mellow lighting beautiful naked model…Then crash bang artist stomas up and splashes paint everywhere leaving sketches and paintings and overturned buckets….FUN nervewracking though


      1. lol..that would have been great to see. You have a way with the female form, it’s celebrated in it’s purest state without vulgarity.


      2. well. Lewd is more fun I think, when used where it ought to be..haha..if you’re lewd all the time, the intrigue is lost:)


      3. yes…well i am lewd enough in my mind without forcing others to view it in my pictures!!

        when i was about 20 I tried to draw an erotic series and it was SUCH a failure haha looked so bad badly drawn boring concept (too young too silly)


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