The Wasp The Rose


The wasp


and the rose too

I press my face into this life

and on fluttering petals they find my portal

they sting and sing

in glorious waves

of mystery, the rose the wasp

and propel a gyroscopic spin

on my ribbons

my universe

they travel

I am


and these intoxicants are journeying through stars


Published by The Silver Poet

I AM a little spark in the sea of conscious awareness. I am passionate about bringing the concept of freedom of expression into the forefront of our one mind and a keen awareness of personal power to the hearts of little children everywhere. I exist to express!

24 thoughts on “The Wasp The Rose

  1. I’m spun…riding through your stars for sure…a most dreamy painting…as if made up of stars…love it!xo


      1. when i click on your name in this comment box it goes to an empty site called ‘pure colonic’ something weird is going on maybe the link is funny….I have tried a couple of times to get in via these comments but no luck!….


      2. Thank you. Was not sure if you got to read from the new address, hence the confusion.


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