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Invisible Love


love as an animal

Does this animal run through our bloodstream across broad plains too hot for the soul?

Does this animal bleed from our skin as thickly as maple from the heart of it’s mother?

OR is it only here to be used as the sweetener on a breakfast of conceptual existence?

my mouth closes around a spoon of stuff that has no logic in which to plant its sturdy birthing feet, my hands grasp at light, splaying fingertips and casting arrows, my brain competes for fertile earth in which to plant it’s seed and the neural race quickens to enhanced vision despite potential for death and entrapment in hollow eyed laughter…..

I am spewing an outrage of honey air

and imaginary nails pin me to my cushion

but still I KNOW

I am bidden to sweep this endless hall with my skirts

of invisible love




OPEN this envelope

and in the smooth

yet sharp cornered sheets,

between the scent of fingertips

beyond the spreading ink

is poetry, sapling green

with story fine tears

blood crimes and flowers fight to reveal

each a resplendent joy…..

so sniff it,

and then tip it

to release

a flow of tiny wise stars


I Serenade You


a response to Rainer Maria Rilke’s Duino Elegies  below is the  second of ten poems.

Noble words revolve

like wisps passing through my stars

touching grace.

A temporary, fractious glory

flings my arms like backward wings

with feather tips,

spread in sweet torture.

Wandering tension throbs in this dark belly of thought,

the first birth or dismembering of consciousness,

buttering me with music

sugaring my experience

gifting me with choice

to see the autumn harmony

falling on invisible shoulders

and nuzzle in to hummus here.

OH luminosity and wrath,

what is my excuse for garnering golden borders

where only liquid song slides?