A whirlwind of gradual pleasure


life is my pleasure

unremarkable, determined thoughts driving into

the calm, fertile bay of cosmic consciousness.

It is purity sweeping over me

interrupted only by

hot pebbles rolling

in my shoulders and hips,


brush is

thick and wet

consolidating energy

parting , breasting , gliding , angling

on it’s rambunctious journey

flexed green toes

bounding past

tribespeople standing,

deceptively still


with god’s eyes

peeking over cups of sun

minds like water….

knots are unravelling, unconvincingly  tied in the first place,

clots draining away

till the sickness is nought but a dribble

a drip

a coagulating puddle of tar

used for other unnecessary things…..

but all

becoming a whirlwind of gradual pleasure


I AM Change- 30 Day Change Challenge










Hello there, Just interrupting normal erratic poetry postings to let you know about something pretty darn cool

but only IF you are in the mood for some……


life affirming



Sometimes when we are on a conscious journey of self-discovery we hit a kind of plateau where

although we KNOW something needs to give we not sure what or how to go about it.

Well I have put together a course which involves 30 days of diligence  in order to shift your sticky bits ;) and help you get on with this phenomenon called life.

The program involves tasks, art related and otherwise, focused thought and much much more…come through on this link to watch me ramble on some videos and read more about it :)


love, Arna

Don’t Listen To The Bells


games involving firewood

result in splinters


the ants go marching one by one

hurrah hurrah



floored by lino and valium her apron is stuck between her legs

crumpled and damp

tense air on slack cheeks

he is gone and he is still here slapping her rightness in the face

those were some hairy hands



she remembered when they glimmered light with certainty

rubbing off in subtle patterns

delicious and secretive

telling stories of church bells and worn stone, folding like sugar creme

turning up the heat.


the bells


wind this city down, clip the folders shut,  bring adventure to a close


a directive not a soothing

a belt not a swing

a confine not a win


and we are laughing on clouds with our feet dangling in a robust swamp brimming with colour and life.









Sibella Poetry Magazine Looking for GREAT poets to submit work!


Hi everyone thought I would regale you of this opportunity to showcase your work :) at the same time as tell you I am in this edition.

Arna Baartz AD











Actually I was a winner in their comp so will be in a few upcoming editions.

Enter your work or simply ENJOY!

Sibyl Magazine: For the Spirit and Soul of Woman


Sibella Poetry Magazine: Poetry To Set the Soul Aflame


APR_MAY Sibella Poetry COVER 2014

By The Silver Poet

Swallow The sea


So now today

I awake and I KNOW

this ….universe….. is …..food!

I open my mouth and fill

like the little Chinese boy who swallowed the sea

I inhale this swirling chocolate

and marshmallow fishes school into rainbow wells

I imbibe this fizzy tang that crashes like waves

decorating inner cliffs with lines that match the evolving

artful universe

worn by time into fine ballet

I feel the citrus tang as it licks its invitation

inside the skin

and with a burst of excellence

the red sky morphs in a chilli glaze

my blood paints figures on caves

and like the little chinese boy I can only hold the ocean for so long

before my jaw drops

and I pretend to forget again



Purple Peace Bringer


My Tshirt Design ‘Purple Peace Bringer’ is in a competition and the lucky winner will  get their  design printed on shirts!

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My Dusted Skin


My  white body

coated like cake

my heart stretched

against dancing ribs

crying and pushing at quantum buttons.

This metaphoric desperation

forms storm cells

and knighted beings

create artworks on my knees.

I am moving me forward

mind cracked and allowing

a vessel,

a heat machine, self perpetuated,

momentum keeping it strong.

Inner walls are sliding, a freakish velocity of

swirling contents


with inspired action

plucked from a point

of connected vibration.

My dusted skin is priceless and my head prickles and burns

and then…. THEN!

I am made leopard as the clouds release their scent

and finally

I can breathe


I am nothing

no more than moving air




The Fabulous Fabrication


A fork in the path appears

whilst I,

knee deep in nude undoing

Can NOT anymore, in my rainforest cave,  resist the opal footprint,

nor can I nail myself to the floor or wall in the face of this

glowing movement forward


ignore the veining shimmer that pulls me


and thrusts me in glossy, sweet projection……
I merge my points of allowing taking only THIS step

Enjoy your fabulous fabrication and
Yes FEEL  the toffee gold sun in between your toes



Polishing Diamonds

A vibration
A Singing
angel choirs and crickets
bringing magic
cellular dancing
calling forth
spinning god birds
beaking through cracks,
at thought worms
and light….
earthy lullabies
but breath opens doors,
polishing diamonds
and tapping a maple flow